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Rainforest - National Park of Madidi

Selva 26The Amazon's tours are conducted in the Madidi National Park, declared a national park in 1995 to protect the wide ecosystems from the high Andes to the Amazon basin.

It has an area of 1.8 million hectares, which makes the landscapes vary from tropical dry forest to humid lowland forests.

Madidi is a global treasure of flora and fauna, sheltering in its territory 44% of native mammals in the Western Hemisphere, 38% of amphibians that inhabit both North and South America, as well as over 1000 species birds. Among

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 the animals you will find here, and maybe nowhere else, highlights the jaguar, capybaras, spider monkeys or marimona monkeys, giant piranha.

Among the plant species found here is estimated that inhabit over 5000 different species, being a key place for endemic species. One of the most interesting is the blue orchid which has been saw only five times.

The tours are conducted in the deepest campsites that exist in the park to ensure maximum contact with pure nature.

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