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San Pedro de Atacama

To get to this wonderful and mysterious desert, you must go to the city of Calama, the obligatory gateway to explore the Atacama desert since all national flights arrive here. On the road between Calama and San Pedro de Atacama, you can find Moon Valley and Death Valley, depressions surrounded by hills with impressively sharp peaks.

San Pedro de Atacama is the base for exploring the many attractions of the zone, with a wide selection of hotels and restaurants. San Pedro is considered the Archaeological Capital of Chile because it is the Atacama (or Likanantai) center, with Pukara de Quitor and a large number of adobe structures typical of the area.

San Pedro is the starting point to see the Atacama Salt Flat, the biggest salt deposit in Chile at 100 km long, the Puritama Hot Springs, with large pools of warm water flowing through the rocks, the Tatio Geyser, which is a geothermal field connected to the Tatio volcano, where jets of steam emerge from pits of boiling water, or to simply enjoy a night observing the stars, and also to see the beautiful Miscanti and Meñiques highland lakes.


 Moon Valley 10  Tatio 20  Altiplanicas 4  Cejar  Valle Arcoiris 3  Arqueologico 4 Tara 3  Puritama 1
Moon Valley Tatio Geiser Altiplanics Lag. Cejar Lagoon Rainbow Valle Archeological Tara Salt Flat Puritama Hots Spring
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