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Frequently Asked Questions

  •    What kinds of trips are offered?
  •    Who goes on the trips you offer?
  •    What is the typical group size?
  •    Do you take children on your trips
  •    What language is used by guides on the tours?
  •    What are the prices for your trips?
  •      Can I book air travel through America Tours?
  •    Who serves as guides for your tours?
  •    What are the essential things to bring?
  •    Do I need a passport and a visa?
  •    Are vaccinations required and if so, what type?
  •    Are there any qualifications that must be met before traveling?
  •    Should I be concerned with high altitude for trips that include the Andean Mountains?
  •    How do I register?
  •    What is your cancellation policy?




What kinds of trips are offered?

Our trips are designed to address the interests of global adventurers and ecotourists. Destinations in Chile - Bolivia range from archaeological discoveries to bustling cities to isolated rainforest ecolodges. Travel methods are varied and wide ranging... whether by foot, bus, boat, plane or a combination of each, we carefully plan traveling activities to maximize sight-seeing opportunities and stay on schedule. We offer trekking for two or more days, and there are some trips that have only light to moderate walking activities. Please explore our web site or contact us to determine details including duration, dates, level of activities and price for your specific trip.

Who goes on the trips you offer?

Travelers come from virtually every location in the world to join us. You do not need to be an expert adventurer or honed athlete to join our travel groups. We are quite accustomed to seeing novice travelers and well experienced ones alike, thoroughly enjoy our trips. While our clients’ ages vary from under 10 to 75, the love for adventure and of the outdoors are the same. It is common to have an even number of men and women within groups. Family, student, or scholar groups are welcome!

What is the typical group size?

Our group sizes usually range from 8-12 members. The number will vary by trip, however we prefer to keep the number low in order to provide excellent service and personal attention. We have taken student or scholar groups throughout the country to enjoy nature, cultural exchanges or adventure sports.

Do you take children on your trips?

Yes. Some destinations are suitable for families of all ages including small children, however, due to the active nature and remote settings of some expeditions, selected trips may have a minimum age requirement. All travelers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, parent or legal guardian. If you want more advice, just let us know.

What language is used by guides on the tours?

All guides speak Spanish, and English. Therefore tours are conducted in both. We employ some guides who can speak German and French. Some tours like the ones to the Uyuni's Salt Lake and the flamingo lagoons are an exception. These do not include bilingual guides or drivers. Most ground operators in Uyuni have drivers who practice basic guiding in Spanish. Bilingual guides are upon request.

What are the prices for your trips?

Please send us an e-mail with your request for more information; our staff will be happy to answer them ASAP. For updated and seasonal rates and prices list containing special pricing and discounts, please contact us. Also feel free to call us at (56) 9 56 759297 or (56) 9 57 740965 from 0900-1800 hrs. EST (Mon-Sun). If you wish we can Skype with you anytime, just let us know.

Who serves as guides for your tours?

Over the years we have developed a group of field guides that are each experienced and qualified.

What are the essential things to bring?

There is a detailed clothing and gear list available for each trip. You may access individual lists through this site or review the details included within the contents of your confirmation package.

Do I need a passport and a visa?

Travel documents are always important to organize well before traveling. To enter Bolivia, you must have a valid passport. You should carry the passport with you at all times. Before departure, confirm the passport's expiration date is greater than one year from the planned exit date of the last foreign country visited. Visas are generally not required for most international travellers. However, some countries that do require them include Australia, United States, New Zealand, South Africa, and most Middle-Eastern and Central Asian countries..

Are vaccinations required and if so, what type?

If you are going to rainforest destinations, be sure to have a Yellow Fever vaccination. It is also advisable to have vaccinations against Hepatitis and Typhoid if you are traveling for extended times in South America. We strongly encourage clients to consult with their physician regarding this issue. For help in determining the prevalence of any particular diseases in countries you will be traveling, look for the international travel health and vaccinations information at:



What about malaria or dengue? Shall I take precautions?

Mosquitos typically pass along malaria. With this in mind, people tend to worry about it for our rainforest expeditions. Interestingly, the sickness is generally more common and recurrent in populated places. Our rainforest lodges however, are considered safe from malaria or dengue because they are well protected with screened windows and mosquito nets. These safeguards help keep tourists safe while sleeping. It is also important to have insect repellent for added safety. Our guides will instruct tourists on how to use modest amounts of repellent to feel more comfortable. Please note: We are not suggesting that you do not take malaria medication. We only intend to provide information for reference.

Are there any qualifications that must be met before traveling?

In general, you should be in good physical condition. We highly recommend, if possible, beginning an exercise program to be prepared for traveling activities. In case you plan to participate in adventure sports or long treks, good fitness is ideal. You will undoubtedly enjoy your travel experience more if your body is ready and willing to go! Let us know if you have any kind of allergies.

Should I be concerned with high altitude for trips that include the Andean mountains?

Your aerobic fitness level will determine how quickly you may adjust to the altitude where we travel. Typically, a traveler in excellent physical condition will experience minimal effects in the thinner air at higher altitudes. Our trips do not include hikes that exceed 15,000 feet above sea level. In the Andes, moderate eating and earlier sleep times help to avoid altitude sicknesses. Tours will take place in altitudes ranging from 400 to 12,000 feet. It is advisable to discuss any altitude concerns and/or conditioning with your personal physician before scheduling a trip.

How do I register?

It’s easy! Start by sending an email, fax or call us.

Please be sure your email, name, nationality, and passport numbers are correct. Once in a while, we couldn't help clients due to missing information. If you are going to book train, buses, hotels, air tickets, and tours with us, we do need these data.

We prefer the use of wired cash, traveler’s checks or credit card for all reservations. There is a charge for credit cards or travelers checks. All that is required to have a tour reserved is a deposit of 40% of the value of the package. If you would like to register by phone, call us at (++56) 9 56 759297 or 57 740965 our regular business hours are Monday through Sunday from 0900 - 1800 hrs EST. If you would like to fax your information, please fill the form we will send you. Compleat the form and send it to E-mail.

What is your cancellation policy?

Tour Cancellations: If you have booked a tour with us and wish to cancel for any reason, our policy states that a full refund payment is not available. Please refer to the cancellation penalties shown below:

20 day notice, 20% of total payment

6 to 19 days’ notice, 40% of total payment

5 days’ notice, 50% of total payment

36 to 24 hrs notice, 60% of total payment

Same day notice, 100% of total payment

Note: For the absolute safety and comfort of our clients, we reserve the right to cancel trips at our own discretion. In these cases, all payments will be fully refunded.

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