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Archalogical Tour

Itinerary Arqueologico 2

• Tulor • Atacaman farm • Pukará de Quitor

Excursion start time: 09:00 AM. 
* Confirm pick up at your hotel.

• Transportation • Bilingual guide • Passenger transportation insurance • Taste typical

• Tickets parks. Direct payment per passenger at each park.

04 hours aprox.  


Arqueologico 3San Pedro de Atacama is the archaeological capital of Chile, not only its landscapes are part of its appeal, its history enriches it and also to you, your stay and experience. We will visit the most important archaeological sites of the area and will travel to the past to learn about the origin of the Atacama or Licanantai culture, the Pukara de Quitor is not only important for the local history, but it is for the history of Chile through the battle of Quitor (1540) one of the first conflicts between Spaniards and Indians. In the Atacama farm we will see how a family combines the ancestral traditions of agriculture and livestock with tourism, tasting some local products, then the Tulor village, corresponds to the oldest settlement in the basin of the Salt Flat of Atacama and one of the first tests of sedentary lifestyles in the region. And finally we will move to the Centre of San Pedro de Atacama to travel back in time up to the time of the colony, where one of the most symbolic is the Church of San Pedro, built and preserved until today from adobe, cactus wood, chañar and algarrobo, a national monument since 1951.



 Arqueologico 1




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