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Australian from India

Australian from India



Movies based on the facts at the start are suspended high bar. Writer has a ready-made story that must be told how most truthfully. Therefore often they are introduced fictitious subplots, and the main action is possible strongly colored by. Not in this movie. In the "Lion. The road to the house," the director Garth Davis, nothing complicated. The narrow plot, aiming at the projected end.


The viewer will not find here a million tender, tearful, prolonged scenes. It is surprising but how to find the way home the title.


Nowadays, it appears so simple. Although the use of Google Maps can not complicate, not even podkoloryzowano scenes trip to the found home.


No wandering, wandering through the land of the old days, despite appearances creates a very compelling scenario. Sunny Pawar Aquarius FilmsSee-Saw FilmsScreen AustraliaWeinstein Company TheSunstar Entertainment Sunny Pawar Aquarius FilmsSee-Saw FilmsScreen AustraliaWeinstein Company TheSunstar Entertainment Dev Patel Aquarius FilmsSee-Saw FilmsScreen AustraliaWeinstein Company TheSunstar Entertainment Dev Patel Aquarius FilmsSee-Saw FilmsScreen AustraliaWeinstein Company TheSunstar Entertainment The plot of the film can be divided into two parts: life in India and living in Australia. The scenario is based on the true story of Saroo Brierley from India, who lost the confluence of certain events as a small boy (Sunny Pawar), more and more away from the native village. The grief-stricken Saroo no one is able to help. Finding his home in conditions where a newspaper stand as major means of mass media, and part of the population is illiterate, it proves impossible.


It is lost among the crowds of people. It comes out of nowhere. Goes to the children's center and is soon adopted by a family from abroad.


Raised by Australian marriage Saroo lose knowledge of their native language, Hindu culture is wypleniona- as an adult (Dev Patel) can not eat without a knife and fork. The film perfectly demonstrates the process of assimilation, which imposed from the beginning, the boy becomes unforced opposed to appearing in the subsequent stages of another Hindu hero Mantosha (Divian Ladwa), which will always chased by a troubled past. Once back memories of India. The main character begins to yearn for biological mother and siblings. We are oppressed by remorse because of a comfortable life, which leads in Australia and inconvenient life, which remained his Indian family. Uncertainty of his being tarnished decides to find a home of childhood. Saroo does not speak directly about feelings. Despite this, the viewer exactly aware of the internal dilemmas hero. Shame it was not looking for pre-Indian family, which was surrounded by love. Disgust feeling a kind of relief, which brought him an easy life in Australia. The director Garth Davis cleverly constructed psychological portrait of presenting thoughts and feelings Saroo using flashbacks. No unnecessary words. Body language - acting high-end. Nicole Kidman plays a caring, good mother Samaritan woman. But as przesłodzenia avoided.


The heroine realizes that eventually the day will come in which the past Saroo catch up and leave him alone. However, as a mother is not able to prepare for the internal struggle in which her son is lost. The boy, thinking back to childhood, moving away from family and friends.


Woman suffering in silence, but humbly accepts the election Saroo, showing understanding. Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman Aquarius FilmsSee-Saw FilmsScreen AustraliaWeinstein Company TheSunstar Entertainment Europeans picture of everyday life of the poor neighborhoods of Asia, dirt, noise can bother the ruins. "Lion" is not like the movie "Slumdog Millionaire. Slumdog Millionaire." Instead, the enormity of dirty slums, inserted pictures colorful surroundings. Beautiful India. The majestic scenery shots. In addition, all crowned with the music. It is not intrusive, and leads the leitmotif throughout the film.


Suitable for history. Bravo Dustin O'Halloran. The film sticks to the genre from the beginning to the end. It is very consistent. Despite the expected completion, which seeks to halt the tears in the story climax it is impossible. The director made the right decision by inserting at the end, for flavor, real shots Saroo with his mother and biological mother from Australia. Sublime moment. "Lion.


The road to the house, "shrugs and pulls. It is not overly ambitious film. It has a happy ending, but for a romantic evening does not fit. While emphasizing family values, suitable to watch with the family. A real game of convincing acting. Good cinema ..


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